Who Owns The Crown 2018

Stop sleeping on your talent, Queen Nefertiti Global Management Label is boosting, supporting and nurturing the talented who are passionate. The talent-base was started in Kenya by the Queen Nefertiti Global Management Label way back in 2012. It is a brainchild of Queen Nefertiti from Bronx, New York and Izzoh Thousanium from Nairobi, Kenya. Izzoh serves as the Label’s Executive Assistant to Nefertiti. The Label runs a project named Who Owns The Crown (WOTC) which is currently on the 19th cypher.

The WOTC trademark is currently working with Jay Lines, Sigh Sam, Barry L, Left Arm, Cafu, Shynobi, D10, Neryl, Man G and Kaberi. The label has been working on cyphers where it identifies and nurtures talents by providing platforms for their growth.

Currently the Label just started working on solo projects for member-artists according to Izzoh, the Executive Assistant.

The Tambua Magazine Crew got a chance to meet him and he had this to say about the Label,

“We currently have our studio- Batoz Music run by the multi-talented Producer Robatoz Tha Badman. We also have been organizing rap battles and Deejay Splash competitions all along.”

The Queen Nefertiti Global Management Label will be having a Hiphop event this year on 1st December at Pristine Paradise Hotel (formerly Club Nanazi). The event will feature rap battles and mad performances involving the best freestyle icons in Kenya Cafu Da Truth vs Ojiji.  It must be noted in advance that in this year’s battle, Ojiji will be defending the Crown for the third time.

All are invited to witness this year’s WOTC battle and damages will be Kshs.300 and Kshs.500 for regular and VIP respectively.

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