Ojiji Ready To Defend His WOTC Title at Jukwaa Lounge

Currently the defending champion of Who Owns The Crown (WOTC) rap battle Ojiji says he is both physically and psychologically ready to defend the title. The Kenyan decorated rap battle vet is also a freestyle icon and emcee with accolades to his name. Ojiji started rapping way back in 2006 where he won the Chaguo La Teeniez Award. He’s also won a number of titles including radio and street rap battles.
Ojiji who currently owns the WOTC crown released a landmark hip hop album “baada ya cipher” alongside Eli Sketch admits to have learnt a lot from his mentors. He appreciates his parents as the leading mentors. He also celebrates the lessons and inspiration he got from rap icons Chiwawa and Abbas Kubaff.
You are all welcome to attend and witness the 2018 rap battle as Ojiji will be defending his decorated title.

By Symonera

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